If your pets or community animals are missing…

Today a friend shared his relief at successfully locating his lost dog at the local pound in his area.

It was during CNY Eve, probably due to the fireworks, that his dog went missing. He searched for days in his neighbourhood but his dog was nowhere to be found.

Finally, he went to the local pound and there was his dog! Safe, but very, very scared.

His dog is back home now, safe and sound and he will take extra precautions to ensure his dog cannot escape again.

While he was at the pound, he noticed an extraordinarily large number of pet dogs, all looking very scared.

If your pet or community animal has gone missing, PLEASE go search in your local pound or shelters. Please do not delay as pounds and shelters have their policies.

I’ve also noticed more roadkill in the last few days. It’s really sad that the fireworks is traumatising the animals and they get dislocated.

Some community animals are also dislocated and have wandered from their usual place because their feeders have gone off for the holidays.

I’ve been feeding three community cats twice daily in another area since their feeder has gone on a holiday.

CaptureDespite me going twice a day to give them catfood and replenish their water bowl, one went missing after the first two days. Maybe she misses her feeder. I hope she will come back when her feeder returns.


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