Oscar, rescued Persian mix cat for adoption – adopted! (Connie James’)

Updates: Oscar has been adopted.

The original post:

Someone surrendered his Persian mix cat and Connie is fostering him for now.

Connie named him Oscar and he is male, unneutered and estimated to be about 3 years old. We don’t know his history as he was surrendered through a third party. He is scrawny right now, probably due to not having enough food to eat for the past few weeks, but he has a great appetite and can down a whole can of Monge at one sitting!

He is very alert, curious and “manja” and totally relates to humans.

Here’s Oscar:


Sitting on my lap for a car ride, which he clearly enjoyed. I think he is classified as a “blue” coloured cat.

Being a former pet, he is super friendly.


On the way to the vet’s today for a check-up.


Exploring the clinic…


You can see he is very scrawny, weighing only 3.1kg (for now). But the vet agreed that his alertness, curiosity and colour of tongue are all good. The vet checked his kidneys and bladder and all seemed fine.

However, a check of the inside of his mouth showed that this tongue is ulcerated right in the middle. The ulcers look pretty bad, but this does not deter him from eating, which is good!


The vet said he only needed to be dewormed and deflead as he has a bit of mange (already done now, with Revolution spot-on) and of course, to be fed with nutritious food.

If he puts on weight over the next few weeks, that would be good. If not, further tests can then be done.

As for now, that’s all he needs.

So, Connie took him back.


More Monge!!


 I am a Monge-Cat!

Connie would like to put Oscar up for adoption. Please be informed that Oscar is not neutered yet, has an ulcerated tongue and he is presently quite scrawny. If you would like to take him over as he is, please liaise directly with Connie at connie4707@yahoo.com. If you’d like to book him first and let Connie monitor his condition (as well as fatten him up!) for a few more weeks, please also contact Connie directly.

The vet verified that Oscar is a young cat and is probably Persian mix.


Me Oscar, me big boss.

IMG-20140207-WA0013 IMG-20140207-WA0014

Oscar’s SOHO.


Welcome to my SOHO…

Presentation1Complete with health check monitoring – eat your heart out, humans!

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  • ying fong

    dear connie,

    thanks 4 looking after Oscar, very sweet of u.
    I like the white board health check monitoring 🙂