Saving 13 dogs, Part 2


Today, we went to visit the 13 dogs at PAWS and met up with Eugene.


Hello, doggy!

They are now safe at PAWS under the Sponsor-a-Pet Programme. They will only be up for adoption after they have been neutered and vaccinated.

For more information on how to help these dogs, please contact Eugene Lee at

Here are the photos of the 13 dogs from yesterday’s rescue operation. These photos are courtesy of PAWS.

mini-D2(070214) mini-D50(070214) mini-D60(070214) mini-D82(070214) mini-D88(070214) mini-D113(070214) mini-D128(070214) mini-D171(070214) mini-D184(070214) mini-D195(070214) mini-D204(070214) mini-D207(070214) mini-D211(070214)

2 comments to Saving 13 dogs, Part 2

  • Chen

    Hah! Now this is the correct post!

    Great way to start a new year! To all involved in this rescue, may you blessed with precious good health and vitality.

  • Norely Abd Rahman

    What an incredible story for these 13 lucky dogs! I’m very touched by the passion that you guys have for these strays.