Spaying sponsorship for 2 female dogs (Thong Seiw Ling’s)

We have fully sponsored RM300 for the spaying of these 2 female dogs. Mdm Thong’s (Mrs Lam) friend agreed to adopt the brown dog after she is neutered. The other dog has been returned to her colony.

From: Thong Seiw ling
Date: 2014-02-06 16:10 GMT+08:00
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

陳医生你好,是我Mrs Lam,今天带去做結扎的黃狗,是华人年廿八跑到cheras yulex 友人的店门口,友人捉了來給我,我问朋友为何不收养它,他說是母狗,所以他不要,我问回朋友如果结扎後是否能收养,他就沒问题,所以就結扎了,另外只黑狗做結扎的是之前我带去打針的小狗的媽媽来的,今早才捉到它來做結扎,之後会放回厂外,因它已習惯在厂外的生活,到鍾点喂吃时间到它会回來吃的。感恩!新春快乐!

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