Cat pillow mania…but in an orderly manner

We had a few orders of cat pillows, so Ginger and Vincent saw (or rather, smelled) me packing the cat pillows and yearned for one too. So I gave them the two existing pillows, refreshed, mind you, with sprinklings of silvervine powder, but no, they were not interested. Too many smells and scents of “those other cats”, they both said.

Oh well, so I had to give them a brand new one.


Here is a brand new cat pillow for you, Ginger.


And being the nice cat that he is, Ginger let Vincent play first.


And Vincent had a ball!

mini-1 mini-P2160578

I am a good, patient and generous cat, am I not?


Now is Ginger’s turn.

Ginger’s mission in life: To make others happy. Service before self.


Even Heidi had a chance to play.


And after Heidi played, Ginger had his turn. Everything was done in an orderly fashion.

There was no hissing, fighting or snatching.

And this morning, Tabs was out for her usual romp in the living room.

Tabs went totally gaga over the cat pillow!

mini-2 mini-P2170589



Tiger went for it too.

mini-P2170596Magnanimous, generous, benevolent, big-hearted Ginger!

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