Berjaya Founder’s Day: The event

It was a very busy day at Berjaya Founder’s Day today!

It was Kelly, Chun Eng, Connie and me manning the booth and we were certainly kept busy (which was good!).


Joy Saga came by with her donation of merchandise.


Wheatgrass and cat pillows (both sold out by the end of the day!).

mini-P2220563 mini-P2220564

Toy key-rings!


Lots and lots of them!

Thank you very much, Joy!


With characters like Eeyore, Garfield, Bolt and lots more!


Kelly decorated our booth with the brand new merchandise.

mini-P2220571 mini-P2220572

Aww…how can you say “no” to Eeyore, right?


And Garfield says: Buy Monge! (or I’ll eat them all up)

The Monge Catfood is donated by Connie.


We had Spiderman too, and I thought I’d buy this for Indy if we didn’t sell it at the end of the day (but most of the soft toy key-rings got sold off!)


The bunny guarding the wheatgrass!

The bunny got sold too.


Since last year we sold out on all our tshirts, this year we brought everything I had in stock! Yes, my entire cupboard of tshirts!

Of course, we didn’t sell off everything, but we still did a sizeable sale at the end of the day, by 6.30pm.


Berjaya staff started coming in early, with their vouchers.

mini-P2220581 mini-P2220582 mini-P2220583 mini-P2220585 mini-P2220586


Time for a quick snapshot and a breather!

Chun Eng wasn’t exactly feeling well, but she came to help too and thank goodness for that as we wouldn’t have been able to manage without all 4 pairs of hands.


At the end of the day, we totally sold off every tube of Litna toothpaste, Monge Catfood and probably half our tshirt stock! Certain sizes of some designs were sold out.

It was really nice too, to know that some of the Berjaya staff came to buy our toothpaste in bulk because they wanted to donate it (the toothpaste) to charities.

We would like to thank Berjaya Foundation for inviting us to set up booth at Berjaya Founder’s Day 2014. We are not a beneficiary this year, but we are very grateful to be given a chance to open a booth and promote the awareness.

Every visitor was really nice and in fact, at the end of the day, one of Berjaya’s staff helped me out at the booth too after Chun Eng and Kelly had left and Connie had to go get the car. As usual, there were last minute shoppers and we were the last booth still standing!

Tomorrow will be Cutie Pet Fair, at Central Park, 1-Utama. We still have our tshirts, Virgin Coconut Oil Soap, keychains, soft toy key-rings and of course, our free books. See you at Cutie Pet Fair tomorrow!

See you there!!

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