Cotton and Calico School, both adopted (Marina Mustapha’s)

Ref: Cotton:
We subsidised Cotton’s spaying and 2 vaccinations.

We subsidised Calico School’s vaccination.

Now, both have been adopted!

Date: Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 8:49 PM
Subject: Cotton & Calico Skool
To: “” <>

Dear Dr Chan,
Great news! Cotton & Calico Skool ( Norely’s rescue cat) have been adopted together & their new mummy came to fetch them at my place last night.

Both of us , Norely & myself are working together to find rescue/stray cats a forever home.

Calico is settling well but Cotton needs some time to adjust to the new home. She is a bit drama queen at the moment :).

Thank you Animalcare for the previous subsidies for both cats.

Marina Mustapha

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