Cutie Pet 2014: The event

Connie came to fetch me at 7.30am and we were off to Bandar Utama for Cutie Pet Fair this morning.

Nandhini and Terry soon arrived to help.


Long time! Always nice to meet up after so long!


This young lady has all my books and has read them all.


Connie putting up the toys (donated by Joy yesterday) while babysitting a dog for a little while (the owner went to get something).


Ng Chen Chen has often been heard on this blog with all her helpful and inspiring comments.

Now, this is Ng Chen Chen!


Hello big doggie!


And small doggie!


Rescuer Koo brought a little ginger kitten, Tom, to be adopted during the fair. The adopter had promised to come to get Tom.


This is Tom’s cage (while he waits for his adopter).

Creatively set-up, don’t you think? Just making use of simple items. It’s like a little hotel room.


There were many pet dogs (as there were dog events throughout the day), cats for adoption and also Rajoo the Goat from FFF.


An opportunity to address the crowd and tell them what we do.


Many visitors came by.


And bought our merchandise. They asked about our subsidies too (especially after the short 1-min talk).

Thank you very much for the support!

We hope more rescuers will get street animals neutered. Need funds – please apply!

And the adoption of Tom:

mini-PicMonkey Collage

As always, Koo always prepares everything that is needed for his dog/cat adoptions. Tom’s new family came as promised, Koo explained all that needed to be explained, passed on all the information in writing, Tom’s feeding bowl, familiar food and defleaing spot-on, etc.  Tom’s family went to buy all the needed paraphernalia from the fair for Tom before finally taking him back to his forever home!

Another street animal rehomed! Kudos to Koo. Koo also donated the adoption fee to AnimalCare. Thank you very much!

We packed up at 5pm.

It was a wonderful event and we look forward to the next – Animal Awareness Day in Universiti Malaya, in March.

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