Mocha adopted! (Marina bt Mustapha’s)


Mocha’s spaying and 1st vaccination was subsidised by us. Mocha also had his 2nd vaccination recently and we have pledged to subsidise that as well as per policy. Marina will be submitting the documentation.

He is adopted today!

From: Marina M
Date: Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: Mocha-2nd vaccination
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,
Mocha has been adopted! I received a text from potential adopter last night. They got my number from Norely since they are looking for rescue cat to adopt. (Special note to Ely, thank you!)

They are very excited about adopting Mocha & today we sent Mocha to her new home.

I already received whatapps updates from adopter & they are falling in love with sweet Mocha. Here are latest pictures of Mocha.

Thank you Animalcare for her vaccinations & neutering subsidies.

Marina Mustapha

mocha adopted

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