Update: Blanket No. 31 is going to….(surprise!!)!

Luna Moonfang has decided to give Blanket No. 31 to Agnes Cheong!


Agnes has been going so many extra miles getting us interesting cloth so that we can make nice blankets out of them for fundraising.  In fact, here are Agnes’ contributions thus far and we still have quite a few more blankets in store from Agnes’ contributions, so yes, it is most fitting that Agnes should have one of our blankets.

mini-PicMonkey Collage

Thank you very much, Agnes and Luna Moonfang.

We are really happy that we thrive on the spirit of giving here, not only to the street animals but also to the lovely humans who make it happen!

A sneak peek into the blankets we’ve sewn from Agnes’ contributions (all waiting for the backing to be done):

mini-agnesIf you’d like to contribute cloth for us to sew blankets for auction, a half-metre of each piece would be good enough for us to spin into a blanket, along with whatever we have in our stash!


3 comments to Update: Blanket No. 31 is going to….(surprise!!)!

  • Agnes

    Luna, thanks very much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. It was such a pleasant surprise!!

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    i’ve spotted 1 that i would like to bid for…. shall look forward to it… hehehehe 🙂

  • Chen

    Many rounds of claps for all involved. You are all wonderfully giving.

    And many hugs and kisses to Ginger for getting himself featured in many of the soon-to-be blankets above. He’s such a hardworking cat 😀 And never breaks sweat and remains cute throughout.