Spay-neuter subsidy for 2 rescued puppies and 3 puppies for adoption – Adopted (Felicia Loo Lay Yong’s)

Updates: Puppies adopted already.

The original post:

We have fully sponsored RM120 for the neutering of Rascal and subsidised RM150 for the spaying of Fiona. If you would like to adopt Georgie, Fiona or Rascal, please contact Felicia Loo at her email <>.

Her location is Puchong.

From: Felicia Loo  (removed)
Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 3:22 PM
Subject: Request for Subsidy (Puchong)

Dear Dr Chan 

My name is Loo Lay Yong and together with my neighbour, Jen, we are trying to rehome 3 puppies born to a stray mum in our neighbourhood.
Initially, our plan was to spay Momma but we saw that she was on heat before we could do it. Hence we will need to wait for 2 months before we can take action on her. We have sent a male (Rascal) and a female puppy (Fiona) for neutering a few days ago. The other male puppy (Georgie) will be sent once he recovers from his urinary tract infection. There is also vaccination, deworming etc. In the meantime we have put them up for adoption under Petsfinder, MDDB facebook and Rescue Me. They are being fostered at Jen’s home currently.
Can you please assist us by putting their pictures on your website too? We would also like to apply for subsidy as there are 4 of them to be neutered and vaccinated and we need a revolving fund. I will send you the receipts and pictures for Fiona and Rascal if approved. We will later neuter and vaccinate Georgie and request for subsidy once done.
Thanks so much


mini-Georgie PIC mini-FIONA Pic mini-Rascal pic mini-Fiona neutered mini-Rascal neutered


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