Petfood donation from U R My Pet House

At the Animal Awareness Day yesterday, U R My Pet House donated not only 100% of their sales to our Fund but also all the remaining products after they closed their booth. We sold some of the products at our booth and the balance was brought back to be distributed to two recipients.


Maslinda received the catfood and had some fun time playing with Heidi.


Maslinda and Wana collecting the catfood.

The dog kibbles, which I had left in the porch, was “attacked” by Ginger and Vincent. It only took them a few seconds to bite and tear a hole in the packet and out came the kibbles. Oh yummy…for them! I quickly “rescued” the packet, taped it up immediately and brought the whole box into the house. The box was taped up too…so it ought to be safe…or not?


Tiger found a way to get to the kibbles but putting his paw through the little hole in the box, tearing the packet and out came the kibbles too!


Oh no!

So that called for massive taping-up, putting the box in a higher place and waiting for Susan Bell to come collect.


 Here’s Susan Bell with her granddaughter and the dogfood.

All petfood distributed – Thank you very much, U R My Pet House!

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