Tiger Day 14


With the sores drying up, I let Tiger in for some sun today, under supervision, of course.


Tabs enjoying her penthouse.


Nothing beats being “home” where one can rest comfortably.

mini-P3200621 mini-P3200623

He ain’t heavy…he’s my brother.




 Keeping Tiger company from a safe distance.

I managed to take these photos at different times throughout the day.

mini-1 tail

Healing – the tail.

mini-3 hip

Healing – the hip.

mini-5 right leg

The right hind leg – healing too, I hope.

mini-2 left front

The stubborn Gang of Four on the left front paw.

mini-2a left front

I don’t know what to make of these sores, whether they are healing or not.

But I’m thankful they don’t look worse, ie. ulcerated or bleeding.

mini-4 left leg

The left hind leg – again, not sure if these are healing.


After application of Lamisil cream.


Tiger takes all his medicines. He is so obedient and easy to look after.


Good boy, Tiger. You will get well soon.

Tiger and all of us thank you very much for your kind wishes and prayers for his recovery.

Today is Day 14 of Tiger’s sporo treatment.

2 comments to Tiger Day 14

  • Susan

    Get Well soon Tiger!

  • jasmine ong

    Get well soon sweet boy. Continue sending loving thoughts and prayers everyday for your total healing soon. Also sending loving thoughts to Tiger’s mummy and human family too. May everybody be well and happy.