KGB-Zurik is terrified of thunder

This afternoon, there was thunder here followed by very heavy rain.

It is always a problem when there is thunder during feeding time.

For example, inside, it’s Indy and Bunny who are not afraid of thunder and they will be demanding for food. The rest, especially Tabs and Cleo would be far too afraid of eat and both will be hiding; Tabs behind the door and Cleo under the bench. So, only Indy and Bunny will be eating and the rest would have to be fed later by which time Indy and Bunny would demand for food again, so it’s a double meal for these two brave ones.

Then, at the patio, the cats who could not get back to the patio in time would be hiding somewhere else and the rest will demand for food. So, as with the inside cats, when the rest comes back, everyone will want food again. Double meals again.

This afternoon, Rosie was not around. She must have been too terrified of the thunder and could have hidden somewhere in her rain shelter. The rest were all at the patio.

Everyone else ate except….Mr Zurik.

He was sitting very still near the vegetable patch, too scared to move. This was before the rain. It was just thunder, but he was literally “scared stiff”. I brought his food to him, but he was too scared to eat.

I then carried him to his table, and put the food in front of his nose, and slowly, managed to coax him to eat a few kibbles. But he froze and decided it would be safer to just keep very, very still and do nothing.

After the rain, I went looking for Rosie but couldn’t find her anywhere.

After a few minutes, Rosie appeared at the patio and was sitting nonchalantly on one of the patio chairs. She jumped down with that look (of asking for food) when she saw me.


Rosie’s back and everyone else gets a second meal!


This is Mr Zurik’s way of asking for his kibbles. He prefers kibbles to wetfood.


Everyone wants Rosie’s food. They have conveniently forgotten that they had just eaten their wetfood meal an hour ago.

I suppose “an hour” is a long time for a cat.


Timmy isn’t as greedy nowadays. Sometimes, he gets to eat snacks without having to go into the cage.

mini-20140326_173457 mini-20140326_173502

Mr Zurik got his kibbles, of course.


 And all is well at the patio.

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