Spay-neuter subsidy for 13 cats in Jerantut (Ngoo Nguk Poh’s)

It was on 7th May 2013 that we subsidised the spaying of 11 female cats looked after by Mdm Ngoo Nguk Poh in Jerantut. She had no access to a vet in Jerantut so a vet from Subang Jaya went up there to help her spay all of her 11 female cats at that time.

Mdm Ngoo contacted us again some weeks back asking for help to neuter the rest of her cats. The same vet obliged and drove up there last week and this round, the rest of her 13 cats have been all neutered now (5 males and 8 females).

We have subsidised RM1300 for the spaying and neutering of these 13 cats.

Mdm Ngoo called to thank us for the subsidy (she paid the balance of the bill herself) and said she will not be taking in anymore cats as she can just about cope with looking after these 20 odd cats with their nutritional and other needs.

Yes, we must know when to stop so that the existing animals will have the best that we can give them. It’s good to know when to stop.

Here are the photos of the cats taken by the vet after the surgery. We thank the vet very much for helping Mdm Ngoo. Mdm Ngoo also informed us that all the cats are doing well now.

The 5 males:

mini-1 pic mini-2pic mini-3 mini-4 mini-5

The 8 females:

mini-F1 pic mini-F2 pic mini-F3 pic mini-F4 mini-F5 mini-F6 mini-F7 mini-F8 and F9

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