Tiger Day 20 – still not out of the woods yet

It’s been a very busy day today and it was only now that I managed to get a closer look at Tiger’s sores.

Looks like we’re not out of the woods yet.

mini-P3260640 mini-P3260641

Tiger had a happy day, without me “disturbing” him too much.

He took all his medicines and I only applied the Wound Protector once in the morning. No Lamisil. Occasionally throughout the day, I would steal a peek at his sores and they looked “good” to me.

But just now, as I was giving him his third dose of RetroMAD1 and his Transfer Factor for the day, I noticed the sores on the left front paw was inflamed again.

mini-left front

Well, it isn’t THAT bad, but still…it looked a bit inflamed.

mini-left front A

The close-up looks scary, I know.

So, not taking any chances, I applied the Lamisil cream again. This Gang of Four is the most stubborn set of sores.

mini-left hind

 The Gang of Eight on the left hind leg looks okay and not inflamed.

mini-right hind

The one on the right hind leg is okay too.

It’s just that stubborn Gang of Four that is still not out of the woods.

mini-P3260640 (2)

Tiger clearly was NOT happy.

But never mind, Tiger, it’s better to endure a bit of discomfort and loss of dignity, in order to get well.

Just one hour on the e-collar, Tiger.

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