Tiger Day 21

Today marks 3 weeks since Tiger started on his sporo treatment.


Gang of Four – drying up!


 Gang of Eight – drying up!

I’ve decided to use the Lamisil very sparingly (since it’s known to be toxic), so it’s down to once in 2 days now. It’s also better not to apply anything as Tiger tends to lick it and this only makes the sores inflamed and I might mistake the inflammation as the sores getting worse! So I didn’t apply anything today, and as you can see from above, the sores look dry.

The oral medication and supplements are continuing, of course: Sporonox, RetroMAD1, Vetri DMG, Omega-7 and Biopure. I’m stopping the Transfer Factor as Tiger doesn’t like it anymore.


Afternoon nap.


With Tabs on the dining table!


Evening with…


…with Ginger and Heidi (inside the box).

mini-P3270653 mini-P3270656

Waiting for supper…
Ginger guards my slippers!


Supper is coming!

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