Snowbell is male, now renamed Toby and adopted (Joy Saga’s)


From: Joy E. Saga
Date: Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 8:39 PM
Subject: Snowbell / Toby
To: Dr Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr. Chan

Just to update you on the White Cat.
1. EHEM! She is a HE! I didn’t check his bum-bum to confirm his gender as fosterer said it’s a SHE. Hehe.
2. The fosterer got a vet to clean the wound last night at home and he was sedated so that the vet could check and clean the wound thoroughly.  The fosterer temporarily named him Snowbell.
cat4 cat5
3. I met the adopter this evening to bring Snowbell to her. It was love at first sight.  He was such a darling. Very2 ‘manja’ and loves to be pet. Very obviously a once-loved pet. The adopter has brought him to her own vet and is currently warded for a night for the vet to check his overall health status.  The wound is not sporo (thank God) … and he also did a leukemia test and deflead him.    Despite his condition, the adopter accepted him into her life and I’m soooo happy this ended well.
The adopter will keep me posted and once he is well again, we will most definitely share his picture (and to also rub salt to the previous owner’s wound – if she / he has any).  She has named him TOBY, which means precious (from the kitten names site that she googled).
P/s I forgot to take pictures just now and only remembered after I drove off. But more pictures will come from the adopters so we can follow his progress.
I so love happy endings!


Toby was abandoned by his previous owner who cited “high maintenance”. Thank goodness this kind adopter is willing to take in Toby despite that severe wound on Toby’s neck.

We thank the adopter and everyone who has helped Toby.

There are still very kind people around and that’s a great blessing.

May Toby heal from his wound quickly and have a wonderful life with his new family.

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