Tiger Day 25

I learnt that until and unless Tiger’s sores are no longer pink and new skin is growing over the sores, Tiger is still not out of the woods yet.

So it’s still going to be a roller-coaster ride, with setbacks and good days.

But we are thankful that there have been no new sores and the present sores are not getting worse, not ulcerated or bleeding. They just get inflamed or remain as they are, if they don’t get better.

However, some sores have already disappeared (like the one on the tail), have dried up or are drying up, which is good.

Only the stubborn ones remain stubborn….

mini-left front

Left front paw – I call this the Stubborn ONE now.
It used to be the Gang of Four, but the other three are quite positively drying up.

So, it’s just this Stubborn ONE to contend with now.

mini-hip 1

Left hip.

mini-hip 2

Right hip.

There were three on the right hip which initially received no Lamisil cream treatment at all. From what I could see, there was not much difference at the rate of healing whether the cream was applied or not (compared with the one on the left hip (which had Lamisil cream treatment)).

mini-left hind leg

Left hind leg – I hope these are on the road to recovery. These looked promising today.


Tiger in the kitchen with his friends.


When it rained.




Tiger on the sofa.

mini-P3310633 mini-P3310634

 At other times, Tiger plays by himself.

I believe keeping him happy without undue stress is also an important contribution to his healing, so there was no application of any cream or gel on his sores today. No e-collar either.

Tiger is still on Sporonox (1/2 cap once a day) and RetroMAD1 (0.2ml three times a day). His supplements and immune boosters are Vetri DMG, Omega-7, Biopure and I am giving him Transfer Factor again.

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