Vincent’s selfies

With Tiger’s sores drying up, the PatioCats are allowed into the house again and they are so happy…

mini-P3310636 mini-P3310637 mini-P3310639 mini-P3310641Happiness is sitting on a cushion and being cuddled.

3 comments to Vincent’s selfies

  • meow meow

    Look at Vincent’s face on the last photo .. 😉 . By the way , nice wood sofa you had. May I know where you got this beautiful wood furniture from ? I wanna tell my mommy to get one too ! meow meow ..

    • chankahyein

      This living room set was made-to-order from East Heritage in Section 16, PJ. Our other furniture is from recycled wood (made from very, very old ships), available from Authenteak in Ikano (you see the coffee table in the last photo – that’s from recycled wood – solid as ever! And very old, unpolished, as woody as it comes)). We wanted to get a living room set made of recycled wood too, but they were all far too big and bulky.

  • meow meow

    Thank you so much for the information … meow meow on the way to tell my mommy ..