And CareBears Blankie (No. 36) goes to…(surprise!!!)

36 Red Bean Soup RM333Thank you very much, Bear Bear and Red Been Soup for bidding for this blankie!

Red Bean Soup has transferred the RM333 over and instructed us to give the blanket to…




Red Bean Soup says since he cannot have Ginger, he is giving the blanket to Ginger as Ginger deserves it after all his hard work of supervising the sewing of every single blanket!


Yay!!! My very own blanket!!


Oooh….at last, I have my own blanket!!

And it’s even in my colour!! How cool is that??

mini-P4010625 mini-P4010629

Really…it’s mine??

You’re not reauctioning it off? It’s really, really, really mine?


MY blankie!!!

Thank you, Red Bean Soup, thank you, thank you, thank you!

mini-P4010632 mini-P4010633

Will Ginger share?



(There was a scuffle for a few seconds, and it’s okay after that.)


Okay Rosie, you can play on the blanket but you must fold it back neatly after that, okay?


Thank you very much, Red Bean Soup!!

It’s really nice to receive a gift once in a while!

I actually don’t even have a single one of my homesewn blankets…ha ha. They are all auctioned off!

Now, Ginger’s blanket will remind me of all these blankets when I’m old and grey.

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