Tiger Day 27

I restarted Tiger on Transfer Factor two days ago, and am going to continue with this supplement as I believe it helps with the sporotrichosis treatment. I stopped Transfer Factor sometime last week and the sporo sores went on a roller-coaster ride, so I’m going to make sure he gets his 1 capsule of TF every night now. The best thing is that Tiger quite likes the taste so I can open up the capsule and mix it with his food. He licks it all up!

About Transfer Factor and what it does: http://www.transferfactor.com/us/faq

Today, the sores look promising…

mini-left front paw 1

 The left front paw – it looks so promising from afar, but upon closer examination…

mini-left front paw 2

…we’re still in the woods.

mini-left hind A

This is the single sore on the left hind leg at the bend.

mini-left hind

The Gang of Eight on the left hind leg – are we out of the woods here? I certainly hope so.

But no, not when it’s still pink. It has to be white before we can say more confidently that it’s healing. Relapses in sporo cases are not uncommon.

mini-left hip

The left hip.

mini-right hind

The single sore on the right hind leg.

mini-right hip 1

The right hip.

mini-right hip 2

The right hip has 4 sores.


 Meanwhile, Tiger’s appetite is as per normal, ie. good.

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