Stock clearance – Our GREY “Animal Crossing” tshirts!

Lee Li Lian is one of our earliest volunteers. In fact, Li Lian was with me when we ran around asking for advice on how to start AnimalCare and in our first year, Li Lian helped out at our events too.

Well, Li Lian is back to help now, in a different and unique way!

Currently, we have a stockpile of our GREY “Animal Crossing” tshirts – we have exactly 161 pieces left to sell off. With tshirts as well as other merchandise (except for our auction items), we pay upfront of the products, then sell it off. Our previous designs sold very well, so there was no problem of stockpiling, but our Grey, Navy Blue and Green were produced last year when sales suffered a slum in general, everywhere.

Stockpiling means our cash is tied up, and by clearing stock, we free this amount to be utilised for our subsidies and we can help more animals.

So, Li Lian has offered to help us sell of the GREYS by sponsoring RM5 for each tshirt sold. This means, buyers will only be paying RM20 for each grey tshirt. Please note that the price is still RM25, but RM5 will be sponsored by Li Lian.

So, how about it, folks? Won’t you help buy out our GREYS? After all, it’s a very Gen-Y design and it’s meaningful: Animal Crossing.


The Animal Crossing sign means:

A. Let the animals cross the road safely.

B. Animals cross our path all the time, we need to be aware of this and remind people (by wearing the tshirt).


Bernice and Donovan (wearing our grey), in Adelaide.

I met some Gen-Y people recently and they remarked that the GREY is our most “canggih” design. Hmm..that’s good the hear, but our problem is reaching out to the Gen-Y crowd. Our events are usually populated with Gen-X and Baby Boomer humans!


ย Daniel Ngan, in our Grey – very Gen-Y!

So, Li Lian is offering this RM5 sponsorship for every tshirt sold, to help push our sales and hopefully, sell all our Grey off within this year!

To order:ย

Let the orders roll in, folks and let’s work together at selling off 161 Animal Crossing tshirts!

Please forward this link to your friends and family!

Thank you very much.

And thank you, Li Lian.

Note: Our plan to prevent stockpiling of tshirts is to sell off all designs and not to replenish any stock. Eventually, we hope to be selling only ONE design at a time (but we may keep Faces Black and White because it’s the all-time favourite). We are already selling off Gold, Faces White, Faces Black (with very few left), Red and Navy Blue now. We have quite a bit of Green and lots of Grey to go!

Updates at 11.57pm: We just sold 5 tshirts after our post came up and with Daniel Ngan’s photo, we just sold another 5 pieces! With this, we have sold out on size S36 and now we have the following sizes, still in abundance!

Ladies 34, 36, 38, 40, 42
Child 34 only
Sports 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

Keep the orders rolling in, folks! Mucho Gracias!


Updates on 5th April: Since this post came up (or rather, since Daniel Ngan’s photo came up!), we have now sold 46 tshirts, 35 of which are GREYS! ย Thank you so much for your support! Keep the orders rolling in, please. Our target is to sell off all the Greys as soon as we can. RM20 for a fully-combed tshirt is really very affordable, plus it has a unique message which you cannot find anywhere else! AND it’s in grey, which is a Gen-y, oh-so-IN colour AND it’s practical. You can do your housework or rescue work in grey and not worry about getting stains, etc.

7 comments to Stock clearance – Our GREY “Animal Crossing” tshirts!

  • Maneki Neko

    Kudos to Lee LiLian for thinking of such a creative way to promote the t-shirts! I gave myself one of the grey shirts for Christmas this past year, and I love it. It may be a Gen-Y shirt, but I think it looks just fine with my white hair, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • pcleong

    Wow at $20 a steal ….

    One piece each of the following sizes please …

    Child 34

    Ladies 38 40 42

    Sports 44 46

    • chankahyein

      Thank you! This has really been a great idea…we have sold 30 pieces already (19 of which are greys), and there are pending orders rolling in!

      • Li Lian

        Thanks for your support, Leong! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Happy to know orders are rolling in! May this continue until the last piece is sold.

  • Li Lian

    My pleasure, Kah Yein ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully, all stocks will be cleared; not just the grey.

    ALL designs are while stocks last.
    Hurry and grab whatever you can now ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Friends have been asking me if it is only the grey that needs to be cleared. This determines their decision on which design to buy.)

    • chankahyein

      Definitely all has to be cleared. That’s our target – clear off all, start on a clean slate and decide if we want to manage only one design at a time, or keep Faces Black and White as the evergreen along with one new design at a time. There is always a demand for Faces. It’s an all-time favourite.