Capri’s Story: Why it is so important to get our pets neutered

Yesterday, a rescuer-friend called me asking if I knew of any vets in Penang who was able to do a caesarian section on a pregnant dog. Her sister, Mary Way, lives in Kedah and had rescued a poodle recently. The poodle was in very bad shape and Mary had already brought the poodle, named Capri, to two vets in Kedah. None of these vets managed to detect that the poodle was pregnant. Instead, Capri was given vitamins, diarrhoea medication and even had a dental job done under anaesthesia.

Mary was puzzled as to why Capri’s abdomen was distended and large, but one of the vets said it could be due to “wind”.

Just to digress a bit, I had another friend who rescued a Shihtzu in Kedah and she too brought the female dog to several vets there and also in the Klang Valley, but none of the vets detected the Shihtzu’s pregnancy until she delivered in my friend’s house one night after dinner – 6 healthy babies (who are still with her today – one big happy family!).

So, back to Mary’s story…

Finally, Mary decided to take Capri to Penang and a vet detected the pregnancy through an X-Ray and ultrasound. What’s worse is, the puppy is very big and Capri would not be able to deliver by normal delivery. A C-section would have to be performed and it would be very pricey. However, Mary, being a retiree, had already spent so much money on Capri at the vets in Kedah, so she called her sister (my friend) to ask she would be able to source for a more affordable vet in Penang. The vet also said that Capri (a poodle) had probably mated with a mongrel and that is why the puppy is very big. Based on the scans, there is only one puppy and there was no way Capri could have a normal delivery. The puppy is just too big. Capri is also estimated to be 8-9 years old. Her age puts her at a greater risk.

Well, I did not know of any vets in Penang, so I contacted a friend in Penang to source for vets. At the same time, I asked my friend if it would help if I pooled together some money to help Mary pay for the C-section. At that time, I thought the C-section was very urgent and I would definitely prioritise saving lives to sourcing for a cheaper vet.

So I started calling some friends and together we pooled enough money for the quotation given by this Penang vet. It was all go now. I informed my friend to let her sister, Mary, know.

However, the vet was not able to perform the surgery yesterday as the clinic was full, and Mary did not know how urgent the surgery was. By then, I had received the contacts of other vets in Penang, so Mary brought Capri to another vet.

Meanwhile, one of my friends, who also thought the C-section was urgent, offered to sponsor a pet taxi to bring Capri down here for the C-section. However, we soon learnt that the C-section wasn’t urgent.

Today, an examination was done on Capri and this second vet said that if the C-section was performed now, the puppy is likely to die. I assume the puppy isn’t full term yet. Mary was advised to wait for another 6 days before bringing Capri in for the C-section.

So Mary brought Capri back to Kedah and we now pray that all goes well and Capri will have a successful C-section in 6 days and that both mother and puppy will be healthy and well. The vet did caution that if Capri goes into labour, Mary would have to rush Capri down to Penang for an immediate C-section.

Here are some photos of Capri, sent by Mary:

20140404_110840 20140404_111209 molly mary poodle

Mary says:

when she was rescued, she got so much problems,  she hardly can open her eyes, she ate her own poo, her gums and teeth are bad, badly infested with fleas n her tummy was so big n we thought she got so much rubbish in her stomach because we pull out two balls of rubber n she poo aluminum foil.

My purpose in sharing this story (with the consent of Mary Way) is to highlight how important it is to have our pets neutered. Sometimes, when I talk about neutering, pet owners will say that they don’t let their pets out and they don’t plan to breed their pets at all, so why put them through this “unnecessary surgery”. While this may be true, but can we, as pet owners, be absolutely certain that our pets will not accidentally escape, be stolen and eventually end up on the streets as a stray? Then, what will happen to our pet if he or she has not been neutered?

I think that’s how Capri ended up on the street, pregnant, and if Mary had not rescued her, Capri would have endured a very painful and obstructed delivery on the streets, which would end very badly.

So, please, please, please….spread the word – even pets have to be neutered.

My second reason for sharing this story is that since we closed our medical treatment fund, there have still been people (former applicants and new applicants) writing in asking if we could subsidise surgeries and medical treatments. Sorry, we don’t have this provision anymore now. Our subsidies are only for neutering and 2 vaccinations. However, one can always do fundraising amongst one’s friends if one is short. I totally understand that many people do not want to raise funds through the social media and some may even question the legality of such fundraising, but it is still possible to raise funds through friends, by word of mouth, which is what I did for Capri.

We all have friends and if each person contributes a little, it is possible to raise enough. Please note that AnimalCare will not be subsidising this case as it is a C-section, but if the vet could spay Capri, Mary can apply for our RM150 neutering subsidy. My friends and I have already raised enough for her C-section surgery.

So, we now wait for 6 days and pray that Capri will have a safe C-section delivery and have her puppy.

4 comments to Capri’s Story: Why it is so important to get our pets neutered

  • Akmar

    I can unnderstand this sort of predicament as I also face the same reaction from people when I suggested on spaying/neutering their pets. Some ot the ‘classic’ answers/response given:

    “Oh, kucing saya dok dalam rumah je, takde nak merayau keluar.”
    “Aiyo, why do we have to disturb God’s will of them to be able to procreate? It’s sinful!”
    “Okay, have your ‘peranakan’ cut off first, then you do that to your pets. baru adil.”

    Some people just want to see the logic that fit in their own perspective only… which means less emphathy to the animals/pets. I sincerely do hope that mentality change towards animal welfare would prosper and make the world a better place for every living beings.

    • chankahyein

      Akmar, I totally empathise with you.

      1. Boleh pasti 100% kucing you tak merayau atau hilang?
      2. Wouldn’t it be more disastrous to let them procreate and the babies die of diseases, starvation, obstructed labour, malnutrition, washed away by the rains, accidents, abuse, etc.?
      3. Manusia boleh mengamalkan “birth control”, haiwan tak erti, jadi kita mesti tolong haiwan.

      I have used (3) on many and they somehow turn around and are more agreeable to the idea….try it?

      A mistake that many make is to anthropomophise, apply human values and conditions on the animals (such as No. 3). We can’t. Humans have the higher faculty of rational thinking; animals do not. Hence, they need our help.

      • Akmar

        Perhaps I might take on your idea of conveying reason no.3, Dr.Chan. Sounds much more convincing..afterall, those people (who had reasoned with me) are the ones who cringed and made a hullaballoo whenever other stray cats come ‘camping’ in their houses and poop,pee and beranak merata.

        • chankahyein

          I hope it works. Sometimes, it needs convincing – the type where you sit down and speak from your heart. Another thing that works is not to condemn or argue with those who are against it. Just speak nicely and let them think for themselves. And for those whom you sense are DEAD against it, forget them…for now. Don’t waste your time with them. I have tried with one pakcik, even offering to take all his cats for neutering AND pay for all, but he would rather they get run over by vehicles than to be neutered because to him, it was “haram”. He even said: “Bagus tu, kalau kena langgar, kalau tidak, terlalu banyak, tak tau nak buat macam mana. Dah buang banyak dah.” He’s just not willing to see…Those are the hardcore types.