A 3-min video: Believe in good (and spreading goodness)

If you can spare 3 minutes, please watch this: http://www.sunnyskyz.com/happy-videos/320/This-Video-Teaches-You-The-True-Meaning-Of-Life-In-Just-3-Beautiful-Minutes

There is even a doggy and some chickens staring in the video! And he adopted the doggy!

I love the statement: What does he get in return?

Nothing? Oh, he gets plenty of joy and happiness from his generosity and that’s priceless!

dog 1 dog 2 dog 3

And yes, I got this video from Facebook and if I could have one wish, I wish Facebookers would share good things like this video instead of slamming our country, our people, or other countries and other people, spreading hate, complaining till no end, just because the complainants are not happy and they think they can do a better job. I’d say: If you can do a better job, why don’t you do it yourself, right? Stop complaining and start doing.

Now, let’s enjoy this 3 minute video clip. Guaranteed to bring a big smile to your face!

I love the simplicity of the message – so down-to-earth and yet so powerful!

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