Capri’s miracle: A healthy puppy by natural birth…in the car!!


Yesterday, our story ended with Mary taking Capri back to Kedah. The vet said to wait for another 6 days or if Capri goes into labour, Mary would have to rush Capri down to Penang for the C-section. The puppy is simply too big to be delivered normally, both vets had attested to this based on the X-Rays and ultrasound.

This morning, at 9.20am, I received a text message from Mary. She said Capri was hiding under the sofa and refusing to come out, ie. signs of approaching labour. So Mary wasted no time and got Capri into the car to drive down to Penang.

At 10.50am, I received this:

Capri delivers

Capri had delivered safely in the car, all by herself!!

Natural birth, no C-section required!

Mary was elated! So she turned the car around and started back to Kedah. I asked if a vet’s visit might still be needed, and Mary said everything looked fine. Capri was nursing the puppy and there were no complications at all.

I texted all my friends who had pledged to donate towards the C-section to let them know about the good news. One of my friends advised that Mary should check the nipples to ensure that Capri has milk. So I conveyed the message to Mary.

20140405_104824 20140405_111000 20140405_111011

Indeed, the puppy looks big!!

But Capri did it all on her own.

Good girl!

So, we humans…we think we know it all…

Two vets in Kedah said Capri only had “angin” and one even did a dental procedure on her under anaesthesia. Two vets in Penang said there was no way Capri would be able to deliver the puppy herself.

Capri proved everyone wrong and sprung a miracle on us all!

I hope everything will go well for Capri and baby now.

I wish to thank all my friends for their immediate response when we thought funds was needed urgently for the C-section. There is no need for any funds now. I also wish to thank one of our readers, Azrael, for writing in to give us the contact of a vet who specialises in C-section in Seberang Perai.

What a miracle!!

Updates at 12.10pm: Capri HAS milk and all is well!


mini-20140405_115857_3 mini-20140405_115734

Updates at 12.57pm:

From Mary:

Its ok for food n thanks for offering but I don’t think we need funds for the food but for spaying I will apply from you for the Rm150 n we will pay the balance.
Thanks for offering.
Yes it is a Miracle n I believe in Miracle n I told Capri we don’t hve the money and she hve to be strong n bring the baby out for herself n us and to stay alive because we love her. I told her tat over n over again.
Yesterday is my birthday n it’s the best birthday gift she gave me.
Baby is female.
mini-puppy is female
Happy Birthday, Mary! And welcome to the world, little puppy. Be strong and healthy, Capri and baby!

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