Pebbles, lost dog in Jalan Gasing area (Edward Lee Eng Chew’s)

If you have any information about Pebbles, please contact Edward Lee directly at 012-2950340. Kindly forward this link to friends and family. Thank you.

From: Edward Lee <>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:17 AM
Subject: Fwd:
To: “Dr. Kah Yein Chan” <>

Dear Dr. Chan
It’s been a while since we last exchanged emails. Hope you are well.
I’m writing to seek your help in posting on your blog the info of Pebbles that’s escaped from her adopter’s house near Jalan Gasing on Saturday, 19th April 2014.
I rescued Pebbles from Solaris Dutamas (aka Publika) basement car park in 2012. She was very weak & just gave birth (unfortunately I could not find the puppies). I immediately sent her to the vet for treatment & spaying. After her discharge from the vet some 2 weeks later, I decided to foster her until I could find her a permanent home. She was nurtured back to a very healthy pooch after spending almost 2 years under my care. Meanwhile, I continued to look for a home for her.
It was not until 2 weeks back that I learnt that my friend was looking for a dog to replaced his dog that has passed away. So I suggested to him to adopt Pebbles. My friend & his wife live in a single storey bungalow with almost 10,000 sf compound and I thought that would be a perfect place for Pebbles as she’d have plenty of space to roam. Unfortunately, Pebbles, being a timid pooch that she is, did not take to strangers readily. On the morning of Saturday, 19 April 2014, she escaped from my friend’s house in Jalan 6/29B (flanked by Jalan Templer and Jalan Gasing) through a gap in the chain-linked fence. Attached is the recent picture of her.
A brief description of her is as follows-
Name – Pebbles
Breed – mixed
Sex – Female
Age – approximately 3- 4 years old
Size – medium
Coat – short
Color – cream
One ear is notched to indicate that she’s been spayed
Temperament – slightly timid
If any one finds her, please contact me at 012-2950340.
Thank you.
Best regards
edward lee

1 comment to Pebbles, lost dog in Jalan Gasing area (Edward Lee Eng Chew’s)

  • Chen

    I hope Pebbles turn up soon!

    She sounds like she is confused and scared. So the chances of being spotted could be slim if she is hiding. I remember reading an article on this blog about finding lost dog that uses the smell of somebody familiar to attract the dog to come back.

    Considering that Edward and Pebbles know each other for a long time, and she trusts him, he might hang his smelly clothes at the fence of the new place and around strategically spots. This is for the dog to smell Edward and follow it. Put a smelly shirt in a box nearby. Maybe …

    Problem is the heavy rain in the evening … 🙁