Presenting Mr (I-am-chilling-out) QUACK!

Remember Mr Quack? He was the terrorist who just appeared out of the blue in my neighbourhood. He attacked Ginger (bite wound until almost gangrenous) and terrorised everyone except Daffodil. I managed to trap him, got him neutered and Maslinda offered to adopt him.

Well, Joy Saga visited Maslinda recently and managed to snap these photos of this oh-so-handsome cat chilling in the compound of the house.


Hey, Mr Quack!


Lookin’ good, ol’ boy!

Over at Maslinda’s, Mr Quack is a loner amongst the adults, but has a loyal following of little kittens!


Β The unmistakable face of Mr Quack!

Ol’ blue eyes!!

He looks great!!

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