Rescued and rehomed, a new lease on life for 8 abandoned cats

We were alerted to the plight of eight abandoned cats a few days ago, so we asked a cat-loving friend if she would like to adopt these cats and she said yes!

These are eight cats who were abandoned by their respective owners. All eight have skin problems too. Yet, the kind-hearted adopted didn’t mind. She will take them all in and get them treated and give them a forever home.

The rescue was planned for today.

We arranged to borrow two big cages yesterday and this morning, our volunteers transported the eight cats to the kind-hearted adopter’s place.



 All aboard, kitties!!

Let’s go to your forever-home now!!


We have arrived!!


A free-flow of yummy food and clean water.

Sheltered from the rain and sun.


You’ll be safe and well taken care of now, kitties.

Have a wonderful life!!

Unlike humans, cats do not crave for luxury. Just safety, food, shelter and lots of love.

Many thanks to all volunteers and the kind-hearted adopter for giving these eight cats a new lease on life.