Some updates on the pound rescue dogs (from Eugene Lee)

In February 2014, we helped make arrangements for the rescue of these pound dogs. The dogs are now under PAWS’ SAPP (Sponsor-a-Pet Programme). Here are some updates with photos from Eugene Lee:

From: Eugene Lee
Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:15 PM
Subject: Puchong pound dogs update

Dear Kah Yein,

We wanted to update you and your friends primarily on two of the pound dogs that are at PAWS that were a little injured before and how they have progressed since.
mini-Bridget (D171)
Bridget (D171) who had the deep gash on her left hind leg: The gash/wound has now closed and consequently, the cone around her head has since been removed.  Mary and I have been spending more time with her as she is still in an individual enclosure and she is very nervous and jittery, causing her to be a little bit difficult to handle and in need of more attention in order to socialize her.  We are making progress with her, using treats, soft soothing voices, and petting, but she is still somewhat wary.  Yesterday, however, she actually took the treats (very gently) out of my hand (we’d been leaving them on the floor before for her to eat when we were gone).  We mean to continue working with her till she is more approachable.
mini-Mickey (D113) closeup mini-Mickey (D113)
Mickey (D113) who was formerly on antibiotics to treat his weak hind leg and was initially mostly lying down and very subdued: It has been like night and day with Mickey!  He is now very energetic and seemingly long over whatever was the problem with his hind leg and his subdued nature.  He is really friendly, easy to handle, and very affectionate.  He would make a wonderful companion for a family or individual who loves dogs.
The other 7 dogs at PAWS are all progressing along at different rates but generally doing well.  We are really getting to know their distinct personalities with the passage of time.  The only one that still needs a bit of work is Whiskers (D204) as she is another dog that is extremely nervous and fearful and as such, not very approachable.  We’ve started working on her with treats as well and hope to have some good news to report in the future. 
We hope you are well and continuing the good work of AnimalCare!


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