Found dog in TTDI, KL: Big brown male dog with black collar (Jeslynn Khor Theng Theng’s)

Update on 28th April: The dog has escaped from Jeslynn’s house. Hopefully he will find his way home.

The original post:

This dog wandered into Jeslynn’s gate. If you have any information about this dog, please contact Jeslynn immediately at 0124389681. Please help Jeslynn publicise this notice as she is not IT-savvy and does not have any access to the social media. Thank you.

Date: Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 9:29 AM
Subject: help.. there is a dog @ my gate
To: “” <>

Yday night (11pm) when i reached home in LBH6 ttdi, there was a brown mongrel @ my gate with the long leash hanging round his collar. the leash seems to get stuck as he moves around.
so i gave him some food & water and now he is staying @ my house ! he is not going anywhere.
I dont know what to do, i can’t keep the dog.Please helpDetails of the dog.
Mute (he dont bark at all whole night)
Big brown mongrel
He is trained, as he knows how to shake hand & bring shoe to me.
there is a black collar + black leash
my contact 0124389681

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