The SS19 Carnival

We set up our booth at 8am this morning while the residents participated in their walkathon.

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This is our first time selling Bacoff products at an event.


A boy was walking around the place with this little black kitten asking if anyone would want to adopt her. He says he found her at the back of his house. I asked a cat-rescuer whom I knew but she could not take the kitten in. The kitten looked very strong and active and was mewing to get out of the paper bag. Her eyes were open too, so I estimate the kitten to be about 3 weeks old. Finally, I advised the boy to take the kitten home and give her some glucose water first as he had not fed the kitten anything all morning while I try to ask around and see if anyone would take the kitten. I also explained to him how to care for the kitten. However, when we finally found someone who was willing to care of the kitten, the boy was nowhere to be seen and towards the end of the event, he also had not come back. Hopefully, he has found someone to adopt the kitten.

Connie even went around the housing area looking for the boy but could not find him anywhere.


There were many vendors at the event.


This is Keith and his daughter, Christy. Both had come from Ipoh and both are animal lovers. Christy studies here in the Klang Valley and is trying to get her university involved in CNRM. She says there are many families of stray cats in the university grounds an asks what can be done. I explained CNRM to her. We are ready to help with our neutering funds. Alternatively, she could surrender the cats to PAWS as there is space in PAWS’ cattery.  But Christy now understands that removing the cats (as what her university intends to do) will only create a vacuum and other cats would migrate in, so she will speak with the authorities and suggest CNRM instead. Let’s hope she can convince her university to adopt CNRM.


All the best, Christy!

Our No. 1 seller today is not our tshirts, but the Bacoff Pet Area Sanitiser!

We sold out all!

Our soap and toothpaste, as always, are also best-sellers.

We wish to thank the Residents’ Association of SS19 for giving us a complementary booth to promote the awareness and raise funds today.

Our next event will be Wesak at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association on 13th May 2014.

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