Bosco, cat for adoption (Zahratul Akmar Noordin’s)

If interested, please contact Zahratul directly at her email.

From: zahratul akmar <>
Date: Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 12:21 PM
Subject: Update on Bosco
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hello Kah Yein,
I’ve  been reading your updates on Tiger and hope that he will get well soon as Bosco has.
Bosco was on sporanox for 3 months and when there were no new sores appearing and had fully  recovered ,I had him neutered last March. When I went to pick him up after the surgery, the vet cautioned me to keep an eye on him as he was licking his genitals ever since he woke up from anaesthetic. Two days after I brought him home, he refused to eat and that was when I found his left testicle  hard and swollen.and his temperature was at 40.4C .He had an infection and was boarded for 5 days. I visited him everyday and the funny thing was every time I came, even though he was fast asleep  he would wake up,stood up and meowed loudly wanting me to take him home.
Bosco is  home with me but I have a problem as he doesn’t get along with my cats. I could not let him out of the cage as he terrorises  the neighbourhood cats. Furthermore, before he had sporo I’ve seen him crossed the busy street and at night there are many stray dogs who come mauling many cats in my area.  So for his own safety I’ve to make him stay in a cage. I feel sorry for him but I hope to find someone who would be kind enough to open their heart and home for him. He’s actually a sweet and handsome boy as the picture depicts.
Zahratul Akmar


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