Welcoming new caregiver-applicants (for neutering subsidies)!

It never fails to amaze me that each time we make significant changes in our policies (which are usually a result of a “setback” or bad experience with dishonest, demanding or quarrelsome applicants), something good always comes out of it.

When we decided to close our Medical Treatment Fund on 3rd January this year, it was due to many reasons – partly due to duplicate and multiple-claiming by some applicants and also unreasonable demands by a few applicants. We realise this decision could be a blow for applicants who had been depending on us for their claims.

But nothing is expected to last forever and applicants somehow found ways to source their own funds for medical treatment claims and are still actively doing their work. After all, there are other organisations giving medical treatment claims and there is….Facebook.

In February, we saw a dip in our subsidy payouts because we were now only providing neutering and vaccination claims.

But by March, our payouts soared back up to what it was before and this only means one thing: We have attracted MORE new rescuers and caregivers who are interested in getting their rescues neutered.

Regular readers would notice many new names in the blogposts and this is a good sign – we are now able to reach out to more and more caregivers and we are addressing the root cause of the overpopulation of strays – the uncontrolled breeding, which can be managed with neutering.

So, yes, everything happens for a reason and there is always a silver lining behind every cloud! If we do things with good intentions, something good will happen in return, wouldn’t it?

Today is the last day of April and yes, our payouts have risen back to what it used to be again.

Welcome, new caregivers! We are happy to help you with our subsidies.

And thank you very much to all supporters who have never wavered in giving us their (your!) full support, confidence and trust.


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