Willy visits!

Willy hasn’t been coming regularly for food, but he has been spotted at the playground and he is looking good too!

I’m very sure he has a home now and occasionally pops by for a visit to say “hello”.

Such was what happened two evenings ago when Willy appeared at the culvert….

We were about to go out when the familiar orange cat came out from under my car.

Hi Willy!!

I quickly went back into the house and brought out some food…


Hmm…he hasn’t forgotten to be careful of Mr Zurik and Vincent.

Still looking over his shoulders….

That’s the thing…if you are not (A) courageous enough or (B) thick-skinned enough, you won’t be able to enter the PatioCats’ territory ever since we Vincent declared nobody would come after him. That’s why Willy could not joined the PatioCats (he came at the same time as Vincent but was ousted by the warrior). But soon after, Mr Zurik came (category (A) and (B)). Then came Heidi (category (C) You dare stop me?)


But as always, the Universe will ensure that all things happen for a (good) reason. I am sure Willy has found himself a home now.

Look at how well-fed he is!

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