An “unprecedented” event inside Pole’s condo

The lower platform of Pole’s condo is rusted beyond salvation for sometime now, and today, I decided to get rid of it (no amount of painting could possibly salvage it at the rate Indy sprays on it a few times daily), so I took it away.

But Pole thought something was “missing” in her condo and appeared to be very disturbed the whole day, refusing to go in. She even did her Dory-stunts.

So I took one of Timmy’s platforms and replaced it in Pole’s condo and put my old tshirt on it. I even lined the floor with Monge cardboard (even the floor is already rusted).

Then, after dinner, I saw this…


Bunny had gone in and taken the lower platform!


Cleo is on the upper platform, doing a leopard pose.

mini-P5010731 mini-P5010732

Tiger: Wow, you have a condo now!


The three best friends at the grille.


Who is outside?



Where are Rosie and Daffodil?

NOT hunting, I hope!

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