A lovely rescue-adoption story

The rescuer in this story could very well be….YOU!

Enjoy: http://twed.com/kids-were-abusing-this-poor-dog-with-sticks-they-had-no-idea-what-was-about-to-happen-omg/

A dog was found wandering the streets, heavily pregnant and being chased by children. They were trying to hit her with sticks. She was neglected, abused and desperately needed some help. A stranger rescued her and dropped her off at a kill shelter, cold and alone. Her time was almost up when a group of kindhearted souls rescued her. Almost immediately after leaving the shelter, something amazing happened.She went into labor.


 And gave birth in the car!


All her puppies were finally adopted to loving homes and even Betty (the mum) found a loving home!

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So, even if we only have the capacity to rescue and rehome ONE animal, we may not be able to change the world for everyone, but we would certainly have change the whole world for that ONE animal we saved!

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