Urgently required: Adopter for 3 newborn kittens – Adopter found! (Mayo Clinic, USJ Taipan)

Updates at 4.33pm: Mayo Clinic has finally responded and will contact the adopter.

Updates at 1.57pm, 3rd May 2014: We have found an adopter for the 3 kittens (the mother-cat accepted Carolina Keong’s 2 newborns so the adopter can take these 3 as well. However, we have no response from Mayo Clinic yet.

The original post:

Just this morning, we managed to very quickly find an adopter for the two newborn kittens and now there are another three:

Mayo Clinic is requesting help to adopt and look after 3 newborn kittens. The kittens’ eyes are still closed and they were thrown out by a kindergarten principal. A dog-rescuer surrendered the kittens to the clinic. The dog-rescuer is not able to look after them as she is looking after many puppies herself.

If you are able to help, please contact Mayo Clinic at 03-56377026.

Thank you.

Just goes to show that while there are many kind people out there, there are also those who do not tolerate the presence of street animals.

That is why neutering is the key to solving many of such problems.



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