78 year-old vegan bodybuilder talks about our diet

body builder

 He is a lean, muscular, strong, healthy and happy vegan. He is Jim Morris.

Jim Morris was a competitive bodybuilder for 30 years, and became vegan within the past twelve. At 50 he was a vegetarian, and at 65 he was a vegan.  Our understanding of human health continues to evolve and change over time, just like anything else. As science continues to shed light on the health benefits associated with eating less meat and more ‘earthly’ foods like organic fruits and vegetables,  more people around the globe are making a transition to a vegetarian and/or vegan diet for a variety of reasons. There is a reason why a plant based diet can help prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths.

Read more at http://higherperspective.com/2014/01/78-year-old-vegan-bodybuilder-might-make-reconsider-diet.html#IfAMoBmGQiM3TbF6.99

For the animals, please eat less meat as often as you can.

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