Two newborn kittens doing well (from the adopter)


On Friday morning, we received an SOS from Carolina Keong about these 2 abandoned newborn kittens. We helped Carolina look for an adopter for the two newborns and one of our readers responded immediately. Carolina brought the kittens to her that afternoon and by yesterday, it was confirmed that the adopter’s mother-cat had accepted the two babies.

Then on Friday afternoon also, a vet asked for help to find an adopter for 3 newborn kittens, also abandoned. The same adopter agreed to take them in but for some reason, the vet finally did not follow through despite numerous phonecalls and messages.

By this morning, another 4 newborn kittens were dumped at the adopter’s gate, so the adopter brought them to her mother-cat and now the mother-cat is nursing 6 newborn kittens and all are doing well. The mother-cat cannot take in anymore newborns now.

Here’s a photo sent by the adopter:


 A happy family – young ones and younger ones, altogether!

The mother-cat has her own 4-week old kittens too. So, it’s all one big family now.

Thank you very much, kind-hearted adopter and kind-hearted mother-cat!

A note: We are not an adoption portal, but we will help publish appeals for adoption. Sometimes, by some rare chance, we get lucky and our readers respond. Then, we can only hope that the person who requested help will also quickly respond to the reader so that the arrangement can be made for the good of the animals. Thank you.

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