Didi, cat for adoption – Adopted! (Wong Yoke Mei’s)

Updates on 18th May 2014: We found an adopter for Didi and he has now gone to his new home!

The original post:

If you would like to give Didi a home, please contact Yoke Mei directly. Thank you.

From: Yoke Mei Wong <yokemei76@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, May 7, 2014 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Di Di for Adoption
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Hi there Kah Yein,

This is Di Di (formerly named him Abang, but did not get adopted successfully, so changed his name to Di Di hope to change his luck a little).
Di Di is a TNRM cat that lives alongside 5 other TNRM cats in my backlane. We hope to find Di Di a loving home as there have been numerous cases of strays dying due to rat poison. One of his buddy ingested rat poison and was able to be saved by the Vet but now he is with some brain/nerve damaged which could be permanent. We are still praying and hoping he will recover to his usual self (http://myanimalcare.org/2012/12/17/vaccination-subsidy-for-spitfire-the-feisty-kitten-wong-yoke-meis/). We have now named him Sammy.
As for Di Di’s other friend, Little Ms Ginny, she succumbed to the rat poison and passed on. May she rest in peace (http://myanimalcare.org/2014/01/10/little-ms-ginny-cat-looking-for-a-loving-home-wong-yoke-meis/).
There were 2 other strays which also died of rat poison.
Di Di wanted to have a say here…. 🙂 “I used to roam the backlane of this neighbourhood and it was safe to do so back then. My feeder mommy feeds my friends and i and allow us to take shelter from the sun and rain in her backyard. 

Recently, 3 of my meow friends died from eating rat poison. They really suffered as their internal organ practically bleed them to death. Another buddy of mine was saved, but he now has permanent nerve damage and can never be released back to the streets.

For my own safety my feeder mommy had to keep me in a cage now, so that i won’t accidentally eat any rat poison that smells and looks yummy. I don’t like being in a cage though.

My feeder mommy says, she will try to look for a safe and loving home for me, where i will be loved and be kept indoors so that i will be safe from other male cat that may want to beat me up and other dangerous things out there.

So if you want to take me home and make me a part of your family, please contact my feeder mommy Yoke Mei at 012-2282623 or email her at ya. Ok? I will pray every night that tomorrow will be the “DAY” i will be cuddle and showered with love.” : “

I do hope Di Di’s adopter will come and take him to a loving home and keep him safe from all the dangers that’s lurking out there. He really hates being kept in a cage, but i have no choice as allowing him to outside will subject him to the risk of being poisoned.

Thanks MyAnimalCare
Di Di & Yoke Mei
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  • Melle

    Good luck to Di Di in having a loving owner. My hunch is he’ll be adopted soon- he’s such a beautiful kitty with gentle facial expression. He sure looks like a sweet kitty.