How to compile photo collages for your claims

A few readers have written to me asking how they could compile their photos for the purpose of applying for our subsidies. I directed them to but they reverted saying they don’t know how to use it.

So, here’s a tutorial:

Step 1: Log on to Click on Collage. You will be directed to select some photos from your folders. Click on the photos you wish to select.


Step 2: Click on the collage icon on the left. Notice the photos you have selected will have already appeared in the left frame.


Step 3: Choose the collage you want.


Step 4: After your chosen collage appears in the main frame, click on the album icon to open and select your photos.


Step 5: Select your photo and drag it into the frame.

pic5Step 6: If you wish to edit your photo or add in a text, click on Edit. You can resize your photo or rotate it, etc. You can even drag the edges of the frame to decrease or increase the size of the each frame.


Step 7: If you wish to add a text, click on Add Text. You can select the font too.


Step 8: Type your text. You can choose the colour of your text, resize, etc.


Step 9 : Click on Save to save the photo.


Step 10: Save the photo in your chosen folder.



Step 11: Now, practise using it and have fun.

Step 12: The next time you apply for our subsidy, we would appreciate it very much if you would be so kind as to compile your photos into a collage and send it to us instead of sending us individual (and often, unlabeled) photos which I would then have to compile and I do have to process many applications in a day.

Your cooperation is most appreciated.

Thank you!

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