Snow White has been adopted!

Snow White (name given by us) was the little puppy found under the van at the temple by its caretaker, Harsha. Harsha looked after her and soon, a lady adopted her from the temple and all was well until the lady brought Snow White back and left her at the temple again without any word. Harsha discovered that Snow White could not walk anymore and feared paralysis or a broken leg. 

The next day, I happened to be at the temple and Harsha quickly alerted me to Snow White’s predicament. We then brought Harsha and Snow White to the vet and despite taking several X-Rays, no broken bones could be found.

Suddenly, after the last X-Ray was taken, Snow White got up and walked!

The vet surmised that it was probably some soft tissue injury.

Here’s the full story with photos:

So, we took Harsha and Snow White back to the temple and as of yesterday, when I was at the temple, Harsha told me someone else has already adopted Snow White.

Let’s hope Snow White has a better owner this round!

snow white

 Harsha and Snow White at the clinic last month.

Have a happy life, Snow White!

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