A forever-home for abandoned and unwanted cats in your own backyard!

Many animal-lovers take in abandoned and homeless animals and provide a forever home for them in their own backyard. But for many of us, we are limited by space and resources. For example, I am already looking after 15 (plus Willy, occasionally) and this is all I can manage.

But for those who have the financial means and the passion, you can do more.

The kind adopter who has been taking in many abandoned and homeless cats has set up this beautiful “cat paradise” on her piece of land. It’s a private home for her own rescues and some abandoned cats.

It is hoped that this little sharing with photos will inspire other capable animal-lovers to do the same too. It needn’t be on a large scale. Small is beautiful too.


 The moment you enter the gates, Freddie, one of the oldest cats here, greets you. He is the ambassador.


Then, his other friends (equally well-trained hosts) greet you warmly.


And as you walk on, a whole battalion of ambassadors accompany you!


Aha!! A member from the Brotherhood of Indies!


Rest area.


Play area.


Everyone is everyone’s friend. No fighting. This is true feline-community living.

After undergoing quarantine, all cats are allowed to roam freely in the compound.


The big toilet. It’s so clean!

You can see the cat-fence at the far end. The whole area is fenced this way.


Quarantine area for new arrivals.


Not even the slightest hint of cat-smell. This is super A++ cleanliness.


Every single cat is neutered and vaccinated. Rescued pregnant cats are given a safe place to deliver their babies and after nursing, they are spayed.

Psst…more members of the Brotherhood of Indies in the background.

IMG-20140425-WA0019 IMG-20140425-WA0021

For newcomers.


All sick cats are given medical treatment at the vet’s and while undergoing treatment, they are quarantined.

There are little cat chalets with specific functions.

Healthy cats are allowed to roam freely and safely. The entire area has a high fence to prevent escapes.


A little pond to cool off in the hot afternoons.


We met our previous rescues.

All the 9 kittens are still under quarantine and they are all doing well.

Our ambassadors accompany us. They must be trying to explain things to us and assure us that the kitties are doing well (we have no doubt that they are!).


Cat-furniture for all feline visitors to make friends with the new arrivals.


This blue-green eyed cat is also from the previous rescue.

mini-P5080824 mini-P5080831

This bunny-coloured cat is just too excited. He wants to tell us more!


Now, this set of shelves is a good idea, isn’t it? That’s a fly-trap on the floor.


We also visited our previous rescue of these abandoned cats with skin problem. They are healing well now. The kind adopter was so compassionate – she did not mind their skin problem at all. She provides treatment for all the cats whom she decides to take in.


Gosh, a Mr Zurik!! Look at those eyes. I swear he’s from Mr Zurik’s KGB-Squad!

ты русский?


Apparently, he’s the “gangster-cat” but is good friends with all kittens!

Reminds you of Mr Quack, right?


Aww…just like Mr Zurik, he is super manja to humans.


Hi, Mr Zurika!!


This cat with the brown body and black head is so unique!


Doesn’t he remind you of ladies who dye their hair brown but new black hair appear at the roots?


Such friendly and happy cats.


As you leave, the cats bid you farewell and you can almost hear them saying, “We are all very happy here, do come again, if you like”. This is quite unlike what you see in certain shelters where every animal is stretching out a paw begging you to take them away from there.

It is a great success if we are able to create a home where our animals are happy living in it and they do not wish to leave.


The purpose of sharing this is to show what one person can do, without outside help. 

It’s the dream of one person to create a forever-home for abandoned and homeless cats.

She made her dream come true.

So can you!

So, we marvel at Cat House on the Kings in California and wish we had one too. Well, we can have small “Cat Houses on the Kings” too…in our own backyard! Small is beautiful. Small is manageable. And small is doable.

Start with your own backyard and if that’s all you can manage….hey, that’s GOOD enough!


A request: This is a private property and not a shelter, so respect for the privacy and anonymity of the owner is most appreciated. Her consent has been sought for this post purely for the intention of encouraging other like-minded animal-lovers to create their own forever-homes for their rescues and make their dreams come true!

7 comments to A forever-home for abandoned and unwanted cats in your own backyard!

  • Maneki Neko

    Cats being such territorial creatures, I’m amazed there aren’t more cat fights amongst this number. She must take great care in introducing the newcomers very slowly. I adore the huge sand box/toilet! Also, is it safe to assume these cats are all spayed/neutered/vaccinated, etc.?

    As you say, Kah Yein — it’s lovely to have a huge plot of land to build a big sanctuary like this, but even if you can provide good food, shelter and vet care for a few cats in your garden, that’s a great contribution! But as you said, it’s essential to know your limits. If you can only afford PROPER CARE and space for, say, four cats, then limit your rescues to that number. Hoarding is not humane, either!

    Thanks for posting these photos to inspire us to do whatever we can (and dream of something like this in the meantime!)

    • chankahyein

      Yes, just added a few more comments in the post now – every cat is neutered, vaccinated and given proper medical treatment. They are fed very yummy food too – there is a weekly menu!

  • Norely Abd Rahman

    In the word of Martin Luther King, “I have a dream…..”

  • mas

    super nice. one day will get something similar like this 🙂

    is there any close up picture of the high fence?

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    “I have a dream….. too….”

  • Yen Ling

    Sangat cantik & posh!! Love the feline couch area :))