Wesak Eve and Wesak Day in SJBA

Yesterday was Wesak Eve and Connie and I set up our booth at around 6pm.


The early birds got the parking space!

And we were the first booth up.


Our merchandise and free books were in place.


Luckily we received a new stock of 99 bottles of the pet spray and had some Bacoff sprays left for this event. We couldn’t get new Bacoff sprays as they were closed for stock-check until this weekend.


There are still some keychains left.


Our CNRM bunting.


Sweet sisters and their mum!

We met a lot of friends who came for Wesak Eve to avoid the Wesak Day crowd and traffic.

We closed at 11.30pm and by the time I reached home, stock-checked, replenish stock and got ready for today, it was 2am.

This morning I got up at 5.20am, fed the cats and we were off to set up our booth at 6.30am.


A friend who bought our grey tshirt last night, proudly wearing it this morning.


Hello, young fan!


A visitor who has read all my books.


Today, Chun Eng helped us.

mini-P5130849 mini-P5130851 mini-P5130852

This lady comes from Thailand. She follows my blog and knows everything about my cats.

She visited our booth with her sister to get the CDs of my public talks.


Jerusha, her sister and her mum visited our booth too. They are now avid cat-rescuers (ever since her mum, Rani, read my books). Jerusha and family have now rescued a pregnant cat and is fostering the cat until delivery. After that, they have made plans to get the cat, Pepper, spayed and will adopt her. They will be needing help to get the kittens rehomed when the time comes.

The whole family loves cats and look after the community cats now. Rani told me that once one of the community cats were trapped for hours in a high place and they could not get him down. So they called our Pasukan Bomba and they came to the cat’s rescue! Kudos to our Pasukan Bomba again!


It was busy, busy, busy, which was really good.

Oh, and a note of thanks to Joseph, the manufacturer of the VCO soap, who drove all the way here yesterday, to send us a fresh batch of VCO soap.


Everything sold like crazy, and I think we could have even sold out on some tshirt designs of various sizes. Hooray! That is our plan – to sell out the designs so that we can introduce something new.


 Ming-Yi came by with food and drinks.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth today for their donations, support and friendship.

May all beings be well and happy always!

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