Jon Tham to run an Ultra Marathon (50km) for AnimalCare!

I received this email from Jon Tham Nam San two days ago:

From: jon tham
Date: Wed, May 14, 2014 at 3:29 PM
Subject: I want to run and raise funds for myanimalcare

Hi Dr Chan,

Good day to you. I got your contact from TP Lim.
I am an avid runner who was injured last January from a motorcycle collision.
I am back on my feet now and retraining from scratch in anticipation to a 50km run in Penang in September.
I like to use this upcoming run event that I am participating to raise funds for your activities in MyAnimalCare (CNRM). That would give me further motivation to train, knowing that my effort will potentially give stray animals a better life. All I need to do in to inform my animal rescue and running friends of my pledge run and hopefully they will contribute financially to your cause. They can bank in direct to your organisation’s account. Then I can create a facebook page for updates and latest collection figures.
Let me know if you are keen to explore on this.
Best regards

Jon Tham

Of course we are keen, Jon! We truly applaud and will support anyone’s noble and selfless efforts in raising funds for street animals.

So I met Jon about an hour ago, and I learnt that he only took up running in 2012, which is just two years ago. He was injured before Chinese New Year where a motorcyclist lost control and rammed into him while he was participating in a run in the university grounds. That left Jon with a cracked shin…


And Jon was on crutches until April this year.

Now, he is starting from scratch again, to train for this ultra marathon (50km) to be held in Penang on 6th September 2014. He has participated in marathons (42km) previously but this is his virgin ultra marathon.


Jon wants to make this “comeback” a more meaningful one by running to raise funds for street animals, so he chose our organisation. Thank you very much, Jon!


Let’s support Jon’s aspiration and gracious efforts, shall we?

100% of your donations will go to our Fund for the animals.

Donations are to be banked in directly to our bank account.


Vincent says: Hmm….this nice kind gentleman is going to run a long, long distance to help street animals like me (not only us cats but also doggies). On behalf of all street animals, I, Vincent the feline Jedi warrior (who totally believes that the Force will be with us when we do good) will start the ball rolling with a RM300 donation to AnimalCare. Oh, it is also from my friends, Daffodil, Rosie, Ginger, Timmy, Heidi and Mr Zurik. 

Thank you very much, Jon!

To donate:

Please follow through with an email to with donation details and how you would like to be acknowledged in the donor list. Please state “for Marathon Jon”.

Marathon Jon Donations:

Vincent and the PatioCats: RM300
Mong Looi: RM100
Chan Kam Loon: RM100

Updates: This is Jon Tham’s Facebook page:

jon tham FB


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