Ivan and Justin – some updates

My friend (bless her kind heart) who adopted Ivan and Justin sent these photos today:


Hi Ivan!!


Hi Justin!!



And these messages:

They are both doing very well, and eating very well. Justin is more calm and sleeps a lot while Ivan is more nervous and curious! I’m keeping them under quarantine for a few days.

Justin has a little bit of diarrhoea this morning, maybe due to the change of food. I have given powered probiotics (a brand called Natural Pet for cats and kittens). Will see improvement soon.

Today will rest his tummy for at least 6 hours (fasting) like I usually do to all my kittens/cats who have diarrhoea. He is not very active, still moves slowly and sleeps a lot.

Ivan looks better and active. He was nervous yesterday and looked scared. Today, more comfortable and wants to go out and play!

Yes, water for Justin for 6 hours. Ivan can’t wait to go out and play! Looks so playful!!

Yesterday, the vet asked me if I have found a responsible adopter for Ivan and Justin and if so, I could let them go immediately to their new home.  I know I couldn’t have found a better adopter than this friend, folks. She is a much better caregiver than me in that she has helpers who are experienced and well-trained to look after cats (of all ages and conditions) – they are home all the time to keep an eye on every new cat. She is also much more experienced than I am as she has rescued countless of cats for years.

So yes, I definitely have found a responsible and very dedicated adopter for Ivan and Justin and I thank the Universe for this!

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  • jasmine ong

    Have a happy, carefree life, Ivan and Justin in your forever home. So thrilled for you. You are now in cat paradise 🙂

    Bless your good heart kind-hearted adopter, Dr Chan and all friends who made this happen!! ♡