Ginger becoming an alpha-cat

Lately, Ginger has been antagonising Vincent (yes, Vincent the Jedi-warrior).

Nowadays, Vincent is actually afraid of Ginger and would bow his head and lower his tail when Ginger approaches him. And Ginger always charges at Vincent when it’s meal time at the patio. I would have to intervene to “save” poor Vincent.

This morning, Tabs and Tiger came out for breakfast as usual and something happened to poor Tabs.

Ginger charged at her and she was so scared, she backed off from him. Tabs doesn’t know how to hiss or fight back. She thinks the whole world is good. Sensing an imminent fight, I scooped Tabs up and put her back into the room.

Then, a really cute thing happened after breakfast – I had gone up to take a bath and when I came out of the bathroom, both Tiger AND Ginger were sitting on the bathroom mat waiting for me to come out!

I think Tiger must have taken Ginger upstairs to introduce him to this new place called “upstairs”!

It was the cutest scene ever….

Ginger has never been upstairs by himself. I’ve tried taking him up but he would be so scared, he would scuttle downstairs very quickly.

So, I carried Tiger down and did Ginger follow?

Nope, he sat the the top of the stairs and waited for me to carry him down too!

Then, this evening, when I was taking a bath, I heard a noise at the bathroom window…


It was Ginger!

He must have figured out a way to get to the roof and come through the bathroom window to get upstairs now!

How fast cats learn to “connect the dots”!


Okay, you’re in the right house, Ginger.
(Of course he knows that!)


Ginger always waits for me outside the bathroom downstairs too.

mini-P5220923 (2)

Sobs…I got bullied by Ginger today.

And I’m always bullied by Cow, anyway…sob, sob, sob…

mini-P5220924 (2)

I’m okay with everyone.

If anyone bullies me, I just close my eyes OR I pretend nothing’s happening to me. They usually go away.


This is what greets me every morning when I come downstairs!

Ginger, the sewing cat and my loyal companion.

P.S. Ginger’s two sores have healed with the pet spray. Tiger has another 10 more days to go with Sporonox! The vet says Sporonox is normally metabolised by the liver in 48 hours so there is no need to continue protecting the liver with Biopure once the Sporonox stops. But Vetri DMG would be good as a long term immune booster.

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