It’s hard for abandoned kittens to survive

Sorry we have to start off this Sunday with sad news.

Carolina’s kittens were doing well with the mother-cat until last week when both passed on.

Cassie’s kittens were fostered yesterday by an experienced kitten-fosterer who even found a mother-cat to nurse them, but two passed on in the afternoon and the other two at midnight last night.

In both cases, these newborn kittens were abandoned, maybe even separated from their mothers.

We wish people would not do such things, especially to newborns who have just come out into this world.

In the same way, Cow, Bunny & Pole were also abandoned by humans as I had found them by the edge of the road. They were only 2 days old. We hand-raised them.

But not all newborn kittens are resilient and can survive, whether hand-raised or with a surrogate mother-cat. Too many do not make it.

We pray and wish for more kindness in this world. Live and let live.

If we may paraphrase the Dalai Lama: If you cannot help them, please…don’t hurt them.

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