Sending Yoke Mei’s 4 TNRM cats to a safe forever home, and meeting Ivan and Dolly!


Yoke Mei arrived this morning with Cally, Fluffy, Ginger Mom and Siamese Mom, all in their respective carriers/cage.

mini-P5250938 mini-P5250941 mini-P5250942

Siamese Mom is the fierce one.


Heidi came over to say hello.


Connie soon arrived and we transferred the 4 cats into Connie’s car.


Everyone on board!


A covering for Siamese Mom’s cage so that she won’t be so stressed.


Fluffy beside Siamese Mom.

Cally and Ginger Mom sat in front.


These five boxes of Monge are contributed by Yoke Mei and Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn.


We are all set for the long journey to your forever home, kitties!

Let’s go!

When we arrived, it wasn’t Freddie who greeted us, but…guess who?



It was little Ivan! Apparently, he has made himself the new ever-friendly ambassador here.


Ivan came to say hello to each cat and welcomed everyone warmly to their new home.

mini-P5250954 mini-P5250956

Who doesn’t love Ivan?

He’s completely adorable!!

Flashblack: Ivan was the little kitten who sauntered into my computer lab on 19th May. We got him checked together with little Justin and both were rehomed here:

Justin isn’t here yet. He is still under quarantine in the house because he had some diarrhoea earlier on.


Curious and friendly cats came to see what was going on.

Oh, new friends? We have new friends and new food…oh, yummy!


Give my regards to Indy, will ya?

Tell Brother Indy that all is well here. I’m keeping a close watch on things. 


Передавай привет Mr Zurik.
(Give my regards to Mr Zurik.)

Da, Mr Zurika. Da.

mini-P5250961 mini-P5250962

Yes, Ivan is super cuddly and oh-so-happy!

Ivan should be a new word in cat-vocabulary to mean “happy”.

We settled Cally, Fluffy, Ginger Mom and Siamese Mom in first, in the quarantine chalet.


Cally and Fluffy together in one cage.


Ginger Mom on top of their cage.

mini-P5250966 mini-P5250987

Siamese Mom in another cage by herself since she is fierce.

Above her, a friendly cat keeps her company…


I’ll be Siamese Mom’s friend – don’t you worry…


We’re visiting Dolly now. She’s in the maternity chalet.


Two happy calico kittens greeted us.


Hello Dolly!!

Do you remember me?

Flashback: Dolly was a food court cat, but she was bullied by a few boys and she was also heavily pregnant. The hawker asked me to take her as it is the rainy season and if she gave birth in the drains, her kittens would be washed away. So, Dolly was rehomed here too, on 20th May:


Awww…she DOES remmeber!

Dolly hasn’t given birth yet, but I can rest assured she has this safe and comfortable place to give birth in now.


And Dolly looks remarkably clean and she’s so sweet too. She reminds me of the flower and the song “Edelweiss”.

Edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me,
Small and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me.


Connie thinks these two babies are adorable.

They keep two pregnant mums company in the maternity chalet.


Here is another one.


Our gracious hosts wait for us.

mini-P5250979 mini-P5250980

Just so you know, I’m in charge here, okay?

Another quick check on Cally, Fluffy and Ginger Mom…


All is well.


These are the 9 kittens from this rescue:


This double colour-eyed cat is also from our rescue.


This too.

These are all abandoned cats and some were former pets.


Here’s a mom with her two kittens.


Yoke Mei asked us to say hello to Didi, so we went to look for him.

About Didi:

Didi and Sammy were two friends in Yoke Mei’s colony, but Sammy got poisoned (but he survived). So Yoke Mei locked Didi up in the cage to protect him and also because Didi had no friend anymore. Sammy had to be confined because after surviving from the poisoning, Sammy now has permanent neurological damage in that he cannot balance himself and is unable to jump. Sammy is with Yoke Mei and is an indoor cat now.


Hi Didi!


I quickly took a picture for Yoke Mei and texted it over. Yoke Mei was delighted and says Didi loves to climb around the rooftops.


Well, Didi…this is a climbing paradise for you now, isn’t it?

Apparently, Didi enjoys climbing here every day and he loves the maze on top too.


Didi showed us how fast he could manouvre around the maze. He was quite proud of himself, and very happy.

mini-P5250995 mini-P5250996 mini-P5250997

Mama Yoke Mei sends her hugs and her love, Didi!


Didi lives in this chalet.


A cat had got into our cage! Ha ha…

No…you wouldn’t want to follow us home, Kitty. This is a paradise here for you.

mini-P5251000 mini-P5251001 mini-P5251002 mini-P5251003 mini-P5251004 mini-P5251005 mini-P5251006 mini-P5251009

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!!

mini-P5251010 mini-P5251011

Connie remembers this cat from one of our rescues.


These cats guard this chalet, quite fiercely too.

Who goes there?!!

Let’s see some identity, please!


See this fallen branch?

It has become a jungle gym for the cats now.

Okay, we got to make a move now…

One more look at the cats…


Didi was still busy climbing around his maze.


Please tell Mama Yoke Mei I’m happy and healthy here and not to worry about me.


Bye and be good, Cally, Fluffy and Ginger Mom.


Bye…Siamese Mom, don’t be a bully, please!

mini-P5251016 mini-P5251017 mini-P5251018 mini-P5251020

From far, Freddie the ambassador watches.

Freddie is one of the oldest cats here and he greets everyone at the gate (well, now, Ivan has taken over this duty).


Hi Freddie!!


Bye now….!!

mini-P5251023 mini-P5251024 mini-P5251025 mini-P5251026 mini-P5251027

Bye Ivan, be good now!


Bye kitty!!

We made our journey home…


Yoke Mei’s carriers and cage are back at my house now.


Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home…

It’s been a happy day!

And one of the happiest news today is that Ivan may be taken back to the house to stay for good! My friend says she has fallen in love with Ivan and would like to take him home! “He is such a bundle of joy and happiness”, she says.

Justin is still at home with her as he had some diarrhoea earlier on. He is doing very well now and will soon be fit to join the rest of the cats in this forever home for abandoned and rescued cats.

This place is a private property and we hope everyone will respect the owner’s request for privacy and anonymity. These photos are posted with the consent of the owner purely for the purpose of encouraging other animal lovers to start their own forever homes for their own rescues.

We thank our friend very, very much for accepting Yoke Mei’s 4 TNRM cats – Cally, Fluffy, Ginger Mom and Siamese Mom. May they all live on happily and healthily here!

And of course, there would have been no trip without Connie’s help too!

4 comments to Sending Yoke Mei’s 4 TNRM cats to a safe forever home, and meeting Ivan and Dolly!

  • dayang

    This is definitely my dream backyard!

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    Hi Kah Yein,

    You don’t know how much joy it brings me to see that everyone is so so happy and free in this wonderful place. Made me teary eyed just looking at how Di Di has adapted well himself and my oh my, he is enjoying the climbing isn’t he!

    All i wish for now is for Cally, Fluffy, Ginger mama & Siamese mama to eventually come out of their shell and embrace their new home with nothing in the world to worry them. No more poisons and dangers! Yay! 🙂

    Just by looking at the pictures, i know they will thrive well in this wonderful amazing place, a paradise for the feline kind.

    Bless our kind adopter friend who has welcome Di Di, Cally, Fluffy, Ginger mama & Siamese mama into this beautiful beautiful place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kah Yein & MyAnimalCare to have helped us so so much. And thank you Connie for helping to ferry the girls there. I can’t thank you enough for all that you guys have done for the 5 of them.

    And lastly, I know Little Ginny & Little Batgirl are looking down on them now with so much joy! I will forever cherish each and everyone of them as they have given me the opportunity to be a part of their lives. They will always have a special special place in my heart.


    Yoke Mei

  • Yen Ling

    Very beautiful! Such a nice and safe place. Very kampung kucingku style. :))

  • jasmine ong

    WOW!!! Beautitul cat sanctuary. I especially love the cat house and chalets. Everything is just too good to be true, it’s perfect paradise ♡ ♡ ♡